Our vision is an inseparable part of who we are. It is the main cornerstone in the road Bee-blio intends to pave. It puts you in the center. In our opinion a happy and satisfied customer is the key to achieve our goals.

The Bee-blio vision is that of fairness, honesty and efficiency. Bee-blio would give its customers an efficient system and a smooth migration process, while creating an honest working environment based on a transparent pricing system and a personalized customer service which would answer all of the customers needs.

The Bee-blio mission is that of improvement and involvement. Bee-blio´s goal is to increase its users´s Return of Investment much better than other libraries´ LMS around the world, as well as involving the users in the process of upgrades according to the customers’ needs.

To achieve this mission Bee-blio provides its customers with a state of the art platform, for a fair clear cut price, directly calculated by the customers while using our personalized calculator.

By using Bee-blio´s forums, the customers would be able to enter discussions regarding future developments and express their opinions and needs.
No need to have dedicated servers.

Bee-Blio works in a Collaborative Open Source - COS
Our code is a special Open Source. We have a single installation of the software code that manages simultaneously hundreds and thousands of separate data bases and yet, independent of each other.
This mode allows all users of the LMS to work with the code and report any problem that they face during the work.

We convert catalogs from old LMS systems into Bee-Blio's advanced database. We have a proven experience in migration of data from various kinds of databases.
Bee-blio is based on a strong Content Management System (CMS) which is used to support various web-based systems and complex websites such as Bee-blio. The platform operates exclusively on the cloud environment. It also provides management tools which collect and archive useful information for monitoring and control decision-making processes in organizations, e-commerce and more.

The BuildaGate platform is featured with: - Ease of use - All information can be entered manually without HTML & SQL knowledge or the a dedicated webmaster.
- Efficiency - The platform has the capability to handle huge amounts of data, multi users and multi-tasking.
- Flexibility - Flexibility and versatility of the site structure and design built in the back office environment.

BuildaGate is the ultimate platform to build image sites and advanced dynamic portals for any kind of organization.

The BuildaGate is used to build information sites and portals that need to be continuously updated online with text content, pictures, videos and more. The platform allows an unlimited hierarchy.

The BuildaGate platform is the core element of our advanced management systems, which are used by various organizations to effectively manage their important work and meet their business targets.