Bee-Blio would provide you with a complete suite to manage your library and transform it into a friendlier environment for you and your customers. To do this, Bee-blio incorporates all of its capabilities into an intuitive, user friendly, and comprehensive platform which includes the various solutions to the needs of librarians in the Information Era.

Overall User Experience

the system is easy to learn and easy to use, intuitive, with shortcuts for the more experienced users and various options to perform actions. The system allows the user full discretion, but prompts him with warnings and messages.

A website for your library

the platform provides your library with its very own website, allowing registered users to perform various actions from any computer, and allowing librarians to be in touch with the customers by adding an internet and cellular based notification system.
Bee-blio is an internet based platform, with a one-time installation and updates that do not require any downtime.
The catalog is located in cloud based servers which update automatically, and the system identifies each library and refers it to its database.

Efficient Cataloguing

Bee-blio's cataloguing mechanisms allows you to save time by choosing the most comfortable cataloguing method including hybrid cataloguing, MarcEdit (Marc xml) and various import methods.

Powerful search engine

Bee-blio provides you with a smart search engine, capable of finding incomplete phrases, searching contents of digital files and advanced Keywords, Hints and Thesaurus modules that make the Bee-blio search engine one of the strongest in the market.
The search engine includes both a simple and advanced search engines to add even more capabilities to Bee-blio's strong search engine.
Librarians also have the option to add their library's catalog to Bee-blio's collaborative search engine and become part of a vast network of intertwined libraries' catalogs.

Report Generator

The importance of the system's ability to import the vast amounts of information is essential to any library management system.
Bee-blio includes a report generator able to create reports from any cross referred parameters available on the platform.
The system provides its customers with the basic popular report templates, alongside a report generator able to create an endless amount of new templates. All reports are savable as xls files.

Easy upload & rich media content

Bee-blio users can add vast amounts of information and media (pictures, videos, audtio, presentations etc.) to their items using the platform's text editors and file upload mechanisms.
The platform also creates association between relevant files and has special cataloguing process for each media type and for a series of such.

Patron management

the platform allows for easy patron management, with patron types and pre-defined eligibilities for each type.
Each patron receives a registered user which allows him to perform actions and view his personal loan card.

Sticker Generator

the platform includes a sticker generator which is a part of the overall package.
The system generator allows you to design your own sticker according to your needs, and manage the printing of stickers to your items.


Bee-blio has the ability to operate on any desired language. The system has a translations interface that doesn't require the intervention of programmers and IT personnel.
The system is currently fully operational in English, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew with French and Spanish versions not so far behind.

Community oriented

Our customer relations service includes a Collaborative Open Source (COS) relationship. The software updates are a direct result of the needs of our clients.